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Sweetkiwi is an innovative, frozen dessert that satisfies a sweet tooth while supporting a healthy gut. 

Using premium, natural ingredients sourced from family farms in California. Sweetkiwi’s frozen whipped Greek yogurts are packed with functional nutrients like protein, probiotics, fiber, and immune-boosting superfoods.


Changing the way people experience food.

During a routine doctor's visit, I was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid that required surgery. Initially, I believed that making a lifestyle change would be a better solution. However, I soon discovered that healthy eating often meant sacrificing taste. In response, I began to recreate my favorite treats to be both decadent and nutritious. This experience ultimately inspired me to create Sweetkiwi.


Whipped Greek Yogurt

∙ Low Sugar Content
∙ Active Live Probiotic Culture
∙ 24G of Protein
∙ Pre & Probiotic Fiber
∙ Immune Boosting Superfoods
∙ Clean Label Profile
∙ Premium Ingredients
∙ Air Whipped to Reduce Calories 

We are a community focused company bridging the gap between good for you, functional nutritional, and great taste with a mission to change how consumers experience food.